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There’s nothing unique about our process. But when it comes to results, that’s another story. Like any creatively-driven enterprise, we rely as much on inspiration, imagination and talent as we do on research and analysis. In spite of that, our approach is 100% repeatable: In one category after another even the most challenging, low-interest categories we’ve been able to create meaningful campaigns that have led to truly transformational outcomes for our clients. Graphic Design Award

From the graphics, icons and the logo in your web site design, to the design of the sign on the shop window, from the look of billboard ads, to symbols for the world's organizations, design today influences what we buy, what we do and even what we think. Because design plays such an important role in our everyday decision making, an ongoing and continuous graphic design program is an important and vital part of effective and successful business strategy.

An ongoing graphic design program which guides the look of everything from signage, to print materials, from brochures, to magazine ads, provides a clear, consistent image for your company and your product or your service. It distinguishes you from your competition. It gives you the freedom to express your message in today's vernacular while maintaining visual continuity. It provides greater clarity and organization of information. And, over time, it provides greater impact regardless of whether you produce two advertising campaigns a year, or advertise two thousand
times a year.

Whether your company already has a well established graphic design program in place, is looking to develop its corporate identity, or simply needs to produce one or two small advertisements, we can help. Trained in the use of color, type, illustration, photography, printing techniques, multimedia and other elements of design and production, we have expertise in both the
technical and aesthetic
aspects of communications
problem solving.

CurtisGraphics Corporation will get maximum impact and value for your message.

You will find the same high quality design in this site as is found in its parent site; As a newly incorporated company, CurtisGraphics Corporation is an award winning design studio. CurtisGraphics Corporation is a design firm which delivers a diverse array of design services.

As you click through our site, take note of the changes in the design of our logo. The essential concept of the logo remains the same, but there are distinct differences regarding color and form. We did this to illustrate the variety of design we explore in a variation on a theme as well as a sampling of the variety of options we will give you in any design project.

CurtisGraphics Corporation
is a full service
graphic design firm,
seeing projects through from design inception - (including corporate logo design and photograph editing and enhancement, when necessary), paper selection and custom color selection for the finished printed
art, on request.

Our digital custom commercial photo editing, advertising photography, photographic enhancement, photograph transformation, photograph alteration, photograph touch up, photograph repair, photograph restoration, fine art photography and photo manipulation is of the highest quality as can be
seen on our photograph

With more than forty two years of experience, we produce painted art work - illustrations using acrylic, pastel, gouache and all drawing mediums. We customize the websites we design for inclusion in search engine rankings. We design custom graphics, flash displays & banners, buttons, icons, logos and secure storefronts and business forms for small businesses, large businesses and for personal needs and we are able to work within most budget restrictions.

We cater to designing for the small business. The immediate areas we service are Hanover PA, York PA, York County, Gettysburg PA, Adams County, Carlisle PA, Camp Hill PA, Cumberland County, Harrisburg PA, Dauphin County & all of South Central Pennsylvania, Westminster MD, Carroll County, Hunt Valley MD, Baltimore County & all of North Central Maryland. However, there are projects we have designed across the globe.

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photograph enhancement - professional custom commercial photographic advertisement editing - photographic transformation & alteration - photo color correction - photo restoration & repair - digital fine art photography & photo manipulation in south central pa & north central md

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